Quality translation is a skill requiring a translator’s knowledge not only of a foreign language, but also excellent command of his/her mother language. The translator should be highly qualified and experienced in working in a specific applied area; be proficient in dedicated applications for text processing, translation and localisation; be capable of cultural adaptation and possess other traits.

Regarding technical translation, all the above requirements should also be complemented with an understanding of the principle of operation of a concrete system or device, and knowledge of special terminology. This is why such translations should be assigned to technical specialists having an appropriate education and qualification.

By entrusting me with your technical project, you can rely on being delivered a complete package of services including not only translation, but also full pretranslation document processing (recognition and conversion of files to a translation-friendly format), localisation of drawings directly to AutoCAD and Visio, as well as translated text proofreading and editing, and its formatting and layout.

A complete list of services and working language pairs is given in the Services section.

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